Based dually in Copenhagen and Barcelona, Abzu is creating a B2B SaaS platform to make AI technology and solutions more commercially accessible. In the popular parlance of today, the company is trying to “democratize” artificial intelligence.

“If AI is to be used right and find a foothold, it’s important that the users of our platform find it simple and cheap. The truth is that most neural networks and deep-learning solutions today are consequently very complicated to establish and expensive. We want to challenge that,” said Abzu CEO Casper Wilstrup.

The company’s platform is able to work with limited datasets and self-learn from past experience. Without the need for a large pool of data or investment in manual data science processes, smaller companies can now employ and enjoy the benefits of AI.


#Congratulations to our #investors and friends at @PreSeedVentures - they launched a fund dedicated fully and wholeheartedly to backing founders in the pre-seed stage and have successfully raised DKK 265m! Great news for the #danishstartup community 🙌


We are excited to announce that @AbzuAI has been selected to join @EFrontierLabs 2020-2021 cohort! We're looking forward to working alongside EFL mentors, @NYUStern MBA students, and the other great companies selected for the #deeptech track.

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