Software company
delivering AI-based software
for self-driving cars


AImotive is a self-driving car technology company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. AImotive’s mission is to create globally accessible and scalable self-driving solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and has grown to a team of over 170 members in 4 offices covering three continents. AImotive has also secured self-driving test licenses at four locations worldwide ­which include Hungary, Finland, California, and Nevada and is currently working towards the fifth one. Their systems have also been trialled in France, under a partnership with Groupe PSA.

Inventure joined AImotive in 2015.

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Today we're announcing our new partnership with @onsemi to explore the future of #sensorfusion hardware platforms.

Fresh in the AImotive Blog: stressing the need for #collaboration Márton Fehér takes a look at what aspects must be considered for #automotive #hardware platforms and why stunning #benchmark results so rarely translate to the real world performance.

We're proud to announce the first production deployment of our aiWare neural network accelerator IP core in NextChip CO.,LTD.'s #Apache5 imaging edge processor!