Software company
delivering AI-based software
for self-driving cars


AImotive is a self-driving car technology company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. AImotive’s mission is to create globally accessible and scalable self-driving solutions. The company was founded in 2015 and has grown to a team of over 170 members in 4 offices covering three continents. AImotive has also secured self-driving test licenses at four locations worldwide ­which include Hungary, Finland, California, and Nevada and is currently working towards the fifth one. Their systems have also been trialled in France, under a partnership with Groupe PSA.

Inventure joined AImotive in 2015.





Redundancy is key for safe #AVs, but that's not simply putting several sensors on a car and hoping for the best. Peter Kozma explores how AImotive handles the difficulties caused by sensors themselves in our latest Blog.

The Khronos Group has released NNEF 1.0 a stable, flexible, and extensible open standard for hardware manufacturers to deploy optimized, accelerated neural network inferencing onto diverse edge devices.

The @TechCrunch MixTape team visited our US office for a #selfdriving test ride on the notorious #Highway101. Jump to 17:00 to find out how things went.