Beneq is a supplier of thin film equipment and coating technology for global markets


Beneq develops applications and equipment for display, solar photovoltaic and generic thin film fields, especially in glass, crystalline silicon and emerging thin film markets. Beneq thin film solutions improve the performance and durability of electronics, optics and sensitive materials, and protect from humidity, corrosion and tarnishing. Its Lumineq® displays are the most transparent displays in the world. Rugged Lumineq displays tolerate extreme conditions better than any other display type.



Join Beneq as an ALD Development Specialist to develop ALD processes and process equipment of Lumineq Displays. Key responsibilities include for example statistical monitoring and quality improvement, and ALD optimization for thin and bendable glass.

Next week we continue with the Beneq Webinar Series. The topic on June 19th is Wafer processing ALD for More than Moore semiconductor markets. You can register through our webinar webpage: #ALDep

Dr Suntola, the Millennium Technology Prize winner, visited Beneq and we interviewed him about how he and the Lohja team built the world's first ALD factory. We learned many new things from the early days of ALD. You can now read the interview from our blog. #beneqblog #ALDep