Beneq is a supplier of thin film equipment and coating technology for global markets


Beneq develops applications and equipment for display, solar photovoltaic and generic thin film fields, especially in glass, crystalline silicon and emerging thin film markets. Beneq thin film solutions improve the performance and durability of electronics, optics and sensitive materials, and protect from humidity, corrosion and tarnishing. Its Lumineq® displays are the most transparent displays in the world. Rugged Lumineq displays tolerate extreme conditions better than any other display type.



We warmly congratulate .@MikkoRitala of the University of Helsinki, for the #ALD2020 Innovator Award and the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation’s Award in Chemistry. We are proud to continue our partnership and look forward to many years of collaboration!


We discuss with Dr. Tommi Kääriäinen how ALD can solve performance and safety issues for lithium-ion battery devices. Specifically we compare roll-to-roll ALD with particle ALD technology.

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