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Blueprint Genetics provides comprehensive genetics testing for all medical specialties. Blueprints innovative technologies in human rare diseases enable improved tests with higher quality, lower cost and faster lead time. We offer full transparency to our technology, quality and performance, and analytic validations of our technologies.

Our expert team of geneticists and clinicians together with our AI powered CLINT technology provide top quality clinical interpretation and reports, changing the standards of molecular diagnostics. We are accredited by ISO 15189 and CAP (#9257331), and certified by CLIA (#99D2092375).

Inventure joined Blueprint Genetics in 2014.


Join our educational webinar on March 25th! This webinar led by Massimiliano Gentile & @talastal will discuss the importance of quality in mtDNA analysis & what to take into account when assessing its performance. Sign up: #GeneticKnowledge #genetictesting

My @BpGenetics geneticist toolkit has expanded! Can't wait to see the answers we find. #genetics #geneticknowledge #genetictesting #mitochondria #genegeek

Exciting news: Blueprint Genetics is introducing full mitochondrial genome analysis to its diagnostic panels in order to bring maximized diagnostic potential across medical specialties. Read more: #genetics #geneticknowledge