Boomlagoon is a gaming studio created in 2012 the former Rovio team


Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Boomlagoon creates the best and most memorable character-driven mobile games in the world. Boomlagoon was created in 2012 by three former Rovio team members who worked on Angry Birds, which has been downloaded billions of times and become the basis for licensed merchandise. Boomlagoon now has eight employees, and it is near to announcing its next game.

Inventure joined Boomlagoon in 2014 and exited the company in 2017.


Build your dream job at Wargaming Helsinki. Are you pro tier in two or more of these? Choose your fortes and come work with us!

❐ 3D art
❐ UI
❐ Automation
❐ UX
❐ Unity
❐ C#
❐ Scala
❐ Game servers

Some example combinations here:

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