Comptek Solutions

Solving the problems of oxidation in the semiconductor industry.

Comptek is solving a vital semiconductor problem, namely oxidation. Compound semiconductor materials are all around us – in LEDs, lasers, photovoltaic devices and we can find them in our mobile phones in different forms, such as IR sensors and RF amplifiers. Despite the potential of these materials, they tend to oxidize very quickly during the manufacturing process, leading to a much lower performance level than what could be achieved. Comptek tackles this problem with a novel process, discovered and patented by the founders, giving the industry a new tool to push the efficiency of compound semiconductor devices to the next level.

Inventure joined Comptek in 2017.

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Proud of the Incredible high-res Photoluminiscense tool developed internally by our team for #microled and #laser characterization. Overwhelming improvement in terms of speed (x50 times faster) and resolution (x10)

This week we had a special guest, @CarlosLeeEPIC, Director of EPIC - EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM. we were happy to have the opportunity to show our premises and introduce the team. It is nice to see that for an association like Epic,with more t…