Eliademy empowers people to teach and learn online


Eliademy believes in democratisation of education and provides an online education platform. Eliademy empowers people to teach and learn online. Eliademy enables teachers – both individuals and companies – to create a virtual classroom using advanced tools without any costs. Students can discover a wide range of courses on different subjects anytime, anywhere. It is free, secure, has no advertisement and made in Finland, the world leading country in the field of education. Organizations willing to support continuous learning among their teams are offered an advanced version to create their own private courses.

Inventure joined Eliademy in 2014.



Check out my latest article: Q&A for Eliademy shutdown https://t.co/3hlDfP05Rf via @LinkedIn

Due to popular request we will open sourcing Eliademy code, stay tuned

The service is down until new management team takes over to restructure the debt of the company. Please send all requests to support at https://t.co/rgSnt6Z0dU