Elsa Science

Elsa helps patients with chronic disease live a better life

Elsa is a platform for patient driven research for better health, prevention and drugs for the chronically ill.

The company was founded by Sofia Svanteson, Sebastian Evans, Pelle Almquist, Lovisa Afzelius and the Riskminder Foundation.

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Elsa Science

Elsa lets you become your own personal researcher by providing you with a better understanding around how lifestyle factors may affect your disease activity measurements for rheumatoid arthritis.

To support you from a scientific perspective, Elsa gives you access to data on rheumatic disease through the Riskminder foundation and scientific studies at Karolinska Institutet. Through this data you will be able to see, among other things, how the risk of rheumatic disease is affected by genetic, environment, and lifestyle factors. Lifestyle factors are of particularly great importance when it comes to understanding the effect of your medication against RA.

There is still a lot we don’t yet know about how lifestyle factors affect different individuals. Elsa is a new service that can help you better understand what matters most for you.

Elsa Science


List alert! We made it again! Part from amusing ourselves at getting a little bit of recognition as a start-up to watch in 2019, we strive for fewer and healthier patients with chronic disease. #HealthTech #PrecisionMedicine https://t.co/yMOvPzQotV

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We are looking forward to 2019! Realising precision medicine and put patients in control. There will be more to watch. Thanks for the attention!