Freespee is the #1 conversation platform for digital businesses, making it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents

Freespee’s mission is to transform phone calls into data that matters to online advertising optimization. Its software is used to analyze and link back calls coming from online and mobile audiences to where on the web they came from. That data automatically fed into advertisers’ media buying tools results in better decisions about when and where to deliver messages, and at what price. When advertising is just math, Freespee makes sure no data is missing. Founded by Swedish VoIP executives in 2009, Freespee is headquartered in London.  Its clients include eBay, Disney, Eniro, and Michelin.

Inventure joined Freespee in 2009.



Consumers are talking back to brands, and increasingly they’re saying, “Purchase.”
Analysis also found that voice ads are gaining credibility, voice commerce is showing promise... @CMO_com #conversationalai #innovation #Commerce #brands #Sales #leads

Did you know 59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is key to winning their business? In our guide we take a deeper look into this key technology and its multitude of benefits. #calltracking #DataAnalytics #datascience #CX

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