Froont is the most flexible web design tool, allowing you design responsive landing pages and publications without code

Froont has been working on enabling responsive web since 2012, creating one of the most flexible page builders in the market. With Froont, web design can be done in-browser with intuitive drag-and-drop tools. After all, humans judge design with their eyes therefore it seems just normal to see right away how designs will look across all different screen sizes. Each project has its own URL, that makes it easy to test the designs on real devices right away.

Inventure joined Froont in 2012.


A cool CSS animation that will make your one page layout to be noticed: #madeWithFroont

Using fixed content over slideshow can add great result in new layouts: #madeWithFroont

In less than 2 hours we go live with our first webinar! Register here: #rwd #webinar