KNL Networks (Kyynel)

KNL Networks utilizes the latest software-defined & cognitive radio technologies to help you stay connected.

Any modern business is dependent on communication, whether it is for operational security, data transfer or just basic email communication. KNL Networks (previously known as Kyynel) utilizes the latest software-defined & cognitive radio technologies to help you stay connected, whether you are in the middle of an ocean or in a remote location in Africa, Asia or South America. Their novel solution provides you with the best user experience – improved availability, reliability and security.

KNL’s technology is inherently cheaper than existing solutions, with broader network coverage enabled by long range high frequency channels operating at a fraction of the cost of satellite networks. With KNL, the communication is secure, reliable and always on. KNL’s customers are in the maritime, industrial and governmental communications segments with a vast and growing market potential.

Inventure joined KNL in 2014.


Part of the KNL team had the honor of meeting the Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy to discuss the KNL Networks CNHF Radio. Joined by our partner Karisma Samudera, represented by M. Raffaei Rosnan, Director of Operations, & Rear Admiral Fadzilah B. Hasan (Rtd), Chairman.

Welcome Jasmin Al Amir, our new Product Manager, to KNL. Jasmin was previously working in global sales for IIoT solutions & wireless sensors in the Oil & Gas sector in the Arabian Gulf area. She speaks Finnish, English & Arabic.
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"The shipping industry is entering a new era. The cycle of things happening through digitalisation & applications introduced to the industry is something the industry has never seen before. Everything is moving extremely fast."