Lingvist is a language learning service, helping people reduce the time to learn a new language by 10 times.


Lingvist applies big data analysis and mathematical optimisation on the language learning process to accelerate the learning curve. A scientific approach to language learning allows reducing total learning time to 200 hours thereby solving the common problem of slow learning progress. 

The research-based solution applies mathematical optimization and statistical analysis on the language learning process to accelerate the user’s learning curve. 

A comprehensive user profile is developed by tracking the user’s natural abilities and acquired knowledge. Based on this learning progression data the solution determines the optimum learning course and guides the user’s learning path accordingly.


@ashishboltoy Most welcome! 😀

This Google Chrome extension sounds great for improving your language skills.

"Je t'aime" or "Je t'aime bien"? They don't mean the same thing!

How to say "I love you" in #French. #LanguageLearning #francais