Mojo believe that accessible, affordable fertility care is a basic human right. In its current state, fertility treatment is failing people. Too much pressure is placed upon women, and men are left out of the picture entirely. The mission at mojo is to help advance reproductive science. Mojo has positioned AI and robotics at the centre of their solutions, completely transforming people’s understanding of fertility. Mojo shapes the future of fertility care and makes having a baby accessible for all.


If you were at #Fertility2020 you might have seen our poster "The Union of #Robotics and #DeepLearning for Fully Automated #Sperm Assessment" drawing from our work with @Andrology_Sol, TDL and @UniKent. Contact us at for questions 🔎

"Male #infertility around the world is a hidden reproductive #health problem."

@netflix and @voxdotcom produced a brilliant docuseries, shining some important light on male reproductive health in episode 4.

On our way to Edinburgh for #Fertility2020 ✈️ Ping @tboecker to talk about how we leverage #AI and #robotics to bring #sperm assessment to a new level.