A website vulnerability scanner
that performs tests to identify security issues
on your website

Detectify is a software company that helps developers and site owners stay safe. Its software analyses a website from a hacker’s perspective and provides a comprehensive report with actionable insights to increase the security. Born from a simple idea that the Internet was broken, the company aims to become the standard security testing service for web and mobile.

We believe Detectify has the right team with a strong knowledge of web security to change the way testing services are being used. Why is it the right team? They’ve already hacked for all the major companies to help them become more secure. Google, Facebook, SoundCloud, Stripe, Square, Dropbox—you name it. They’ve gained very special skills with web security, and now putting them into an automated tool. Detectify operates out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Inventure joined Detectify in 2015.

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Take a look inside of what motives a black hat hacker:

Smart hackers do not ignore small vulnerabilities. Instead they chain them together to find exploits that can lead to something much bigger.

Ethical hacker and Detectify Crowdsource hacker @ErayMitrani stumbled upon a new way to exploit authorization bypass in Jira while trying to replicate tactics from @orange_8361