Omocom makes insurance available on sharing economy platforms in a simple, safe and user-friendly way, thus paving way for continued growth in sharing and circular consumption patterns. In the process, Omocom reshapes insurance by utilising the full potential of digital risk assessment and big data analytics.

Omocom raised funding from Inventure, Luminar and other investors to introduce its insurance solution on key platforms in Europe, collect critical datapoints and handle an increasing number of transactions. Besides acting as a trust enabler, Omocom aims to drive conversion on the platforms making it easier for users to become part of the sharing economy and to better accommodate the users need for security and comfort in the transaction.

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Great community builder, startup wizard and all around awesome guy @a_adp at @inventureVC shares valuable insights about running a #VCPlatform - thanks! 🙏

I am very proud of our work at @inventureVC on how we can better support our portfolio.

Check out how we are moving towards a more modern, data driven and impactful VC for the benefit of the entrepreneurs who work with us.

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Cool line up of the leading material science companies, incl 3M, Heraaus, Denso, Canatu, Comptek, Dispelix, Elastopoli, Emberion, Forciot, .... The innovative future is seen here on Nov 20=>