Service-Flow is a software service provider, which specializes in developing and producing ONEiO,™ the Global Integration Hub. The company enables its clients to seamlessly integrate internal and external customers’, suppliers’ and subcontractors’ tools and processes just by subscribing to the ONEiO integration hub. 

Founded 2011, Service-Flow Corp. is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. 


"GDPR brings new height of thinking around data and information. I want companies and IT teams to understand where their data is, how it moves around from place to place, supplier to supplier and how policy and compliance can be used as an enabler."

Many IT teams strive to deliver smoother and more enjoyable customer experiences as a part of their services. Check out what our customer @OP_Ryhma has to say about it

Our partner @Tieto aims to become customers’ first choice for business renewal. In this interview, we meet with Tieto's Senior Integration Architect to talk about how he uses ONEiO with his integration projects. #SIAM #ITSM #integration #CIO