Solfar Studios

Solfar’s mission is to create and publish pure VR games that thrill players.

Founded in Reykjavík, Iceland in October 2014 by three game industry veterans, Solfar’s mission is to create and publish pure VR games that thrill players, define the medium, and establish Sólfar as the category leader in virtual reality entertainment. Solfar is currently developing multiple projects across all major VR platforms, including Project Morpheus on PlayStation, Steam VR and Oculus Rift.

Before founding Sólfar, the co-founders held leadership positions at Icelandic MMO developer and publisher CCP Games. Reynir Hardarson co-founded CCP in 1997 and was their Global Creative Director; Kjartan Pierre Emilsson built CCP´s Shanghai studio and was the Lead Game Designer on the original team behind EVE Online; and Thor Gunnarsson was most recently VP Business Development at CCP and previously a VP and General Manager at BAFTA award-winning mobile games studio Ideaworks3D.

Inventure joined Solfar in 2016.

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