Stravito helps decision-makers in consumer businesses deliver on their customers’ needs.

Stravito is a knowledge technology company. We help decision-makers in consumer businesses deliver on their customers’ needs, wants and desires better than anyone else.

Simplicity-first drives every aspect of Stravito’s cloud service. Our digital library makes gathering market research and sales data as easy as sending an email. We use machine learning to categorize and index documents automatically, and natural language search for speedy discovery and answers. No training is ever required.

Designed for collaboration, Stravito lets users see what others are exploring and share collections of findings among colleagues across divisions and regions.

Stravito was started in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of technology and consumer goods experience. Stravito headquarters are in Stockholm.

Inventure joined Stravito’s team in 2018.

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Great community builder, startup wizard and all around awesome guy @a_adp at @inventureVC shares valuable insights about running a #VCPlatform - thanks! 🙏

I am very proud of our work at @inventureVC on how we can better support our portfolio.

Check out how we are moving towards a more modern, data driven and impactful VC for the benefit of the entrepreneurs who work with us.

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Cool line up of the leading material science companies, incl 3M, Heraaus, Denso, Canatu, Comptek, Dispelix, Elastopoli, Emberion, Forciot, .... The innovative future is seen here on Nov 20=>