Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts and visualises information from channels like Google Analytics into visual reports, Whatagraph has grown strongly since its launch in 2015. The company’s digital marketing analytics and reporting software is already used by more than 500 clients around the world, helping to collect, visualise, and analyse data from various marketing channels to build comprehensive reports.

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Jos nopeutamme naisten ylenemistä johtaviin rooleihin, ekosysteemimme muuttuu paljon tasapainoisemmaksi. Haastan suomalaisia teknologiayrityksiä palkkaamaan johtoryhmään naisia. Kiitos @reettahei @hsfi tärkeään aiheeseen tarttumisesta https://t.co/mNh63D4ixk #womenintech

1st episode of the VC World Tour

@LDahg from @inventureVC has wonderfully accepted to share his thoughts on the nordics.

The next episodes will present Singapore w/ Insigna, India with @shunweicapital, the UK with @NotionCapital and Israel with @seed_il. And more ! Link below

Food delivery company @woltapp receives backing from @deliveryherocom's founder via @siftedeu https://t.co/4kEI82Fkm3 #NordicMade #heltech