Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts and visualises information from channels like Google Analytics into visual reports, Whatagraph has grown strongly since its launch in 2015. The company’s digital marketing analytics and reporting software is already used by more than 500 clients around the world, helping to collect, visualise, and analyse data from various marketing channels to build comprehensive reports.

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Startupit | Amazon osti suomalaisen ohjelmistoyhtiön – Moni maailman tunnetuimmista pelisarjoista käyttää Umbran 3d-mallinnusta https://t.co/PlEFuaTNGR

Great interview @TShalalvand 🎧 Thanks for sharing your insights and what a journey you’ve been one (and still are!) 🤩 #RoleModel #VC #nordictech @InventureVC


.@CNBC: our portfolio company @MaterialXchange's platform is already used by brands like @CalvinKlein & @thenorthface to source sustainable materials: https://t.co/ZNlvlqPq8e