Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts and visualises information from channels like Google Analytics into visual reports, Whatagraph has grown strongly since its launch in 2015. The company’s digital marketing analytics and reporting software is already used by more than 500 clients around the world, helping to collect, visualise, and analyse data from various marketing channels to build comprehensive reports.

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In more numbers, 38 nationalities 🌏are living in the house, 1.202 events 🍿 were hosted, 14.534 booked meetings 💡 and an online reach of 1,1 M took place in 2019 📰. What a year! 💎#maria01 #helyes #nordicimpact #impactreport #nordicmade

Happy to see how international @MariaZeroOne is becoming. #finland still has a long way to go but this is certainly a massive step in the right direction. The Finnish scene is gearing up for proper international competitiveness. @FVCAfi @inventureVC

@TechChill 2/5 @LauriKokkila @inventureVC: Purpose is the next competitive advantage of a company in three dimensions: capital, talent, and customers. A strong paradigm shift to purpose is happening on the market.