A mobile service
For discovering and ordering food
In your city

No more waiting. Order your lunch or take-away coffee before you’re even there. With Wolt it only takes seconds. Wolt shows the nearby restaurants on your screen. Pre-order, walk to a set table, or have your order to go. You pay as you order. No more waiting at the credit card terminal or carefully counting coins.

Merchants can serve more customers faster. Serving a single customer faster gives you time to serve more customers altogether. Your staff no longer needs to stand by the cashier or roam around the tables with a card reader. You can also notify about your offers, and offer loyalty benefits. Wolt connects you and your customer.

Inventure joined Wolt in 2014.



Monilla perheillä ei ole mahdollisuutta hankkia joulupöytään kaikkia niitä herkkuja, jotka sinne kuuluvat. Vain 5 eurolla voit auttaa vähävaraista perhettä saamaan jouluaterian, johon heillä ei muuten olisi varaa. https://t.co/dTmaaVnxbh