WOT, Web of Trust

WOT develops and promotes the website reputation and review service Web of Trust (WOT)

WOT is a website reputation and review service that helps people make informed decisions about whether to trust a website or not. WOT is based on a unique crowdsourcing approach that collects ratings and reviews from a global community of millions of users who rate and comment on websites. This approach enables WOT to protect you against threats that only the human eye can spot such as scams, unreliable web stores or questionable content. WOT collaborates with the world’s leading Internet companies, including Facebook and the Mail.Ru Group. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Inventure joined WOT in 2012 and exited the company in 2017.


To keep you on the safe side we created a list of the top gaming sites which the WOT community has marked as safe. ✅🎮

At the Top:🔝
1. @discordapp
2. @Twitch
3. @EA

🎲Click here for the full list ---> https://t.co/hKdiISmUbr

"One of my favorites is a community-based reporting tool called Web of Trust that uses a color system for rating websites that show up in Google search results." Ken Colburn, USA today, August 2019

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#OnlineScams F
@FortniteGame is warning gamers about the most common Fornite scam involving Scammers offering "free V-bucks" what can result in identity theft, downloading malware on a device or having your money stolen.

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