Zaver is the first payment service provider to ever launch a true checkout solution for peer-to-peer transactions. Offering the payer payment methods such as “buy now, pay later”, instalments and direct bank debits – without ever laying the risk on the payee. Through on-the-spot credit decisions and automated and intelligent anti-fraud mechanisms the company vets users on the spot –  providing a real time sense of security.

Zaver has a SaaS aimed at merchants with omni-channel sales that has attracted companies with turnovers reaching 1.5 NSEK to start exchanging their legacy payment systems with Zaver for Business.

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Highlights of the Impact investing in Finnish Private Equity -study from Aalto Fellows and FVCA in one thread:

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We as Aalto Fellows students conducted "Impact Investing in Finnish Private Equity" study together with @FVCAfi @Tesi @SitraFund @MakiVentures @inventureVC and @Taaleriteam.

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Hienoa edistää vaikuttavuutta yhdessä! Kuten Helikin toteaa, tarvitsemme työkaluja vaikuttavuuden johtamiseen & tulosten mittaamiseen. Olemme näitä kehittämässä ja pilotoimassa. @FVCAfi @SitraFund @inventurevc @MakiVentures @Taaleriteam käyttäjältä @FVCAfi