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CyberLightning has a vision to simplify complex data and provide organisations with actionable insights to run business operations from anywhere and on any device. Its end-to-end software platform CyberVille enables corporate customers to capture data from numerous sensors and measurement points, to analyze the captured data, and to present it in business intelligence dashboards. Introduced in May 2014, the platform provides organisations with a strategic tool to control complex sensor and machine networks using a simple interface on any mobile device, increasing speed and accuracy.

The approach CyberLightning has taken is to make the Internet of Things visible and understandable. The typical customers are system integrators building solutions for energy, traffic or infrastructure verticals together with end customers like utility providers. The CyberVille platform is built on an open-source, standards-based internet technology and follows a modular architecture approach. It can easily accommodate a very wide range of data sets and readily integrate with existing enterprise platforms and tools.

For more information, please visit http://cyberlightning.com