Finlandesign Home in Shanghai hosts the first Inventure event

April 8, 2014

The venture capital landscape is changing at a rapid pace. What are the latest trends in the venture capital space? What are the future opportunities in early stage technology investing? How can you leverage the super growth opportunity of China?


To address these questions, we successfully held the first Inventure Shanghai Venture Capital event on the 4th of April at the Finlandesign Home in downtown Shanghai, China. More than thirty enterpreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, local government officials, and friends who have been working with Inventure since we established our Shanghai office in 2011 gathered in a place full of Finnish design on a sunny sprint afternoon.


Sami Lampinen, Managing Director of Inventure, kicked-off the evening by presenting his insights on the topic. In his presentation, Sami shared the highlights from CanatuMekitec and BeiZ – some of the companies from Inventure portfolio. At the same time, Sami presented the new Inventure Fund II, a EUR 50 million venture capital fund investing in technology companies in the Nordics and Baltics, and expanding them with full speed into China. He also opened up a discussion about the latest trends and opportunities in the venture capital space.


The audience showed great interest in Sami’s storyline and case study on how to build successful investment portfolio by combining the world’s leading technology of the Nordics with the super growth opportunity of China. Many industry experts, enterpreneurs and innovators shared their business ideas and venture experience. After that, we continued the evening with free discussions on the topic and casual networking.


A big thank you to everyone for joining us and sharing your insights, we hope to continue the conversation in the future!