Introducing Our Newest Investment: Sólfar Studios


November 19, 2015


Sólfar Studios’ Team, 2015


It was a cold, rainy afternoon in the northernmost capital city of the world. The Slush Play, a new Gaming and Virtual Reality event, was being held for the first time. Out of the darkness rose Sólfar, the Sun Voyager, and its formidable crew.


“Slush Play was an incredibly well timed event for Sólfar. Not only did we get to break cover as a startup there, but we were doubly lucky in meeting Ilkka, hitting it off and starting the conversation that has now lead to Inventure backing our plans for world dominating VR.


And quite cool to cap it off with the seed round news at Slush in Helsinki, only a few months after we had our first beer in Reykjavik together. I think this entrepreneurial air bridge we´ve built between Iceland and Finland can now only grow more formidable.” – Thor Gunnarsson, Co-founder at Sólfar


With over 60 years of experience from the gaming industry, the founders Kjartan, Reynir and Thor make an industry veteran dream team. Each complements the group with specific functional experience, bringing expertise in game design, creative directing, and business development. They started working together already in their previous company CCP Games, which Reynir had co-founded in 1997. CCP Games is well known for the title EVE Online.


Sólfar’s recently announced title, Everest VR, is a wholly immersive experience. Set on the Southeast Ridge, the trek commences at Base Camp, and challenges you to scale brittle ice falls and perilous sheer rock faces. Those who are brave enough are rewarded with an unforgettable view over the summit of Everest. The journey takes you on a breathtaking ride of awe, apprehension, fear, and finally, exhilaration.


Everest is created in partnership with RVX Studios. RVX is the lead visual effects an animations provider for blockbuster titles including Everest, Gravity, and Harry Potter. Everest will be available in 2016 on all the major VR platforms.


Solfar pic

Everest VR, available in 2016 


3D content requires premium quality. How can such a compact VR studio of seven achieve this in such a short time frame? The answer is an experienced team with an agile business model, which leverages existing digital 3D assets. Sólfar brings masterful scripting to the experience, real player agency and interactivity, all using state-of-the-art VR technology. By collaborating with the best artistic content producers, they are able to create the most impactful VR content products.


Inventure has invested in the round together with NSA Ventures (Iceland), Shanda Group (China), and Reaktor Ventures (Finland), in a round totaling 2 million Euros.




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