Inventure — Who we are and what’s next

Sami reflects on the history of Inventure and where we are heading now.

Inventure — Who we are and what’s next

This blog post is written by Inventure’s founder and partner Sami Lampinen and first appeared on Medium. Read the full post and follow Sami for future updates.


It’s now almost 14 years ago when Timo & I launched Inventure, the Nordic early-stage VC. From our two-guy team we’ve grown to a VC crew of 11, representing six nationalities. 50+ investment done, offices in two countries, and now investing out of our third fund. And today, I feel that we are are just about to start!

Throughout these crazy years, there may be only one thing that has remained exactly the same — we have always stayed true to our core principles of serving great entrepreneurs on their journey.

Together with our portfolio companies we have been through good times, when problems solve themselves without much assistance. By following our core values and believing in what brought us here, we have also been able to push through tougher times together with the entrepreneurs

In the beginning of 2018, we raised our third fund with first close of €110m. Inventure continues to grow & evolve 🙂 We will use this fund to back even more driven entrepreneurs all over the Nordics and the Baltics.


Our backbone — The Inventure core values


Who are we? These are our core values:

Fairness and honesty

 When working with our investors and founders, we build every operation on fairness. Our investors benefit only when the entrepreneurs succeed. We benefit when everyone else succeeds. We value and expect the highest level of integrity and trust from everyone we work with.

Empathy and trust

We are able to relate to entrepreneurs and support them no matter what. We want to be the ones they trust and can count on. In the weekly calls with our entrepreneurs we want to be first ones to hear the news and take actions when needed.

Entrepreneurial approach

 We are not risk averse. We are fast, have a high acceptance of change and do make things happen.

We are entrepreneurs who believe that the key to success is based on human factors and hard work.

What is it that we do? We are early stages investors, and love by making investments in Seed and A rounds. In numbers that usually means rounds between €300k and €5m.

We are lead investors in all of our initial investments, and get really active in our portfolio companies. We aim big, and typically reserve several millions for follow-on rounds to boost the most ambitious entrepreneurs. By having strong add-on funding capacity we can back the companies for the entire duration it takes to build a global company. In strategy talks we often encourage entrepreneurs to grow faster, to reach beyond initial targets, and go even bigger. To fund global growth we are very happy to invest more and also bring fellow VCs to join the growth stories.


Next steps and future plans for Inventure


What’s next then? We are always looking into new ways of developing the venture market in the Nordics and the Baltics. A new initiative with our latest fund is our value creation framework. The aim is that we, together with the founders and other relevant stakeholders, should always be on the same page regarding the plan for the next 12–18 months. Our framework is purposed to help entrepreneurs with the most relevant KPIs for the next critical steps on their journey. We will bring a detailed blog on this subject soon.

Another initiative we run is the platform project called Inventure Awake where the goal is to facilitate the access and transfer of knowledge within the portfolio. Read more about it here.

When it comes to focus areas which are ripe for large changes, and we feel we can add value and are willing to spend a lot of time within, we have highlighted five investment themes:

You will definitely hear more about these themes from us in future blog posts.

Finally, if you are developing something new and interesting in any of these fields above, we would love to talk to you. We are really excited about getting started with our third fund and can’t wait to be part of your success story.

The future starts now, and it looks bright!

//Sami; @slam70