Inventure Looking for Superstars – Apply Now!

January 13, 2015


Are you a lean team with international mindset? Is there a real opportunity for your service to succeed on a global scale? Are there people already using your service? If so, it must be you we are looking for to join our Seed Program!


Inventure is kicking off the year with the Seed Day focused on Software & eCommerce. On Thursday, 29th January 2015, we will meet with 15-20 best & brightest to network, pitch, coach and enjoy each other’s company. In addition to Inventure’s team, you will meet experienced coaches and angel investors looking for new investment opportunities. For us, it’s a great way to get to know you and to provide some hands-on help to teams we may well end of funding.


To apply, send an email with your company presentation to Nils Paajanen at




In 2014, Inventure introduced a new Seed Program to foster the creation of innovative services in the region. Big thanks to ArcticStartup, FiBAN, HealthSPA, AppCampus, StartupSauna, Hub13, Spinno, and everyone else who has been supporting us. We have already invested in 5 companies we met at the previous Seed Days, and hopefully provided some valuable connections to others.