Find out why we invested in Kyynel

August 15, 2014

Kyynel team

At Inventure, we like companies that are somewhat “far out”, with the potential to change industries. Kyynel is a perfect example of such disruptive technology. The company is named after a Finnish lightweight, portable, long-range patrol radio (The Kyynel “Tear”) developed for the World War II. At the time, it was the most advanced high frequency radio in the world. Fittingly, Kyynel Ltd is set to be the next remarkable innovator in wireless communications.


Kyynel has been in stealth mode for the past four years, developing a new wireless communications system able to provide communication anywhere in the world – whether you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or in the Arctic Sea. Kyynel has set the target for providing the communication into the most demanding operating environments and applications, where at the moment communication is very limited or does not exist.


Comparing to satellite communication, the big advantage of Kyynel is that it has no expensive satellites to maintain or operate. The technology is inherently cheaper, with broader network coverage enabled by long range high frequency channels operating at a fraction of the cost of satellite networks. In addition to immediate cost benefits, Kyynel provides extremely secure and reliable communication that’s globally available and always on.


Kyynel’s customers are in the maritime, industrial and governmental communications segments with a vast and growing market potential. The current EUR 2 million round, led by Inventure and Butterfly Ventures, will enable Kyynel to recruit new talent and speed up the scaling and commercialisation of its products. We could not be more excited to be a part of the Kyynel story.