Leetify joins Inventure portfolio

Inventure, J12 and others invest in Leetify to help gamers go from amateur to pros

Leetify joins Inventure portfolio

Leetify is building the ecosystem where gamers go from amateur to pro. Today, the company has launched an automated coaching platform that analyses the matches gamers play and use that data to identify gamers’ weaknesses, help them improve on them with personalised in-game practice, and keep track of their progression.

“I grew up in this small rural town where I spent my weekends at LAN tournaments and my teenage years trying to go pro in various games. At the same time, I played almost every sport known to man and it’s clear to me that there’s an infrastructure and tools available to traditional athletes that simply isn’t there for gamers. Competitive gaming has participant numbers to rival soccer, and what you’re left with are a ton of highly motivated gamers that don’t have the support infrastructure to realise their dreams. At Leetify, we hope to build that infrastructure and allow any gamer to unlock their full potential.” says Anders Ekman, CEO & co-founder of Leetify.


He continues: “I’m sure my carpenter dad would rather I do something useful, like becoming a mechanic. But it seriously pisses me off that the lack of accessible support infrastructure in eSports means most gamers, myself included, waste their chance at realising their dream by grinding with poor methodology. This creates a growing inequality where a select few, the current professionals, have access to incredible infrastructure and the amateurs are left further and further behind.”


To solve this problem, Leetify is building an AI coaching platform that automatically analyses the matches that gamers play.


They identify gamers’ weaknesses, help them improve on them with personalised in-game practice, and keep track of their progression.


“Long term, what we’re building is the ecosystem where gamers can go from amateur to pro. It’s not just about helping you improve, but also giving you a ladder to climb on your way to the pro scene. There’s no such thing as the extensive team infrastructure and the league system of soccer today, and I think we can be part of creating that.” says Anders.


In April 2020, Leetify closed a Seed round of €900,000 to help realise this ambition. The round was led by Inventure with J12 Ventures and Futuristic.vc joining as co-investors, among others.


Anders explains: “I guess most people say it when they announce a funding round, but I really mean it when I think we’ve first and foremost got some truly great people joining the company. Our focus during the fundraising process was finding people that are down to earth, transparent and believe in our vision and way of running the company. I think any investor coming in should pass the “beer test”, and this was one of the key metrics we went by when choosing our investors.”


The funding round closed above the company’s €800k target, driven by strong investor demand.


The funds will be used to grow the company and improve Leetify’s product faster. To that end, they are on the hunt for developers, data scientists and UX designers with a passion for competitive gaming to join the product team.


Anders finishes: “We intend to stay a product built for gamers, by gamers. To realise our vision, we need a great team, and as such I’d encourage anyone with an interest in competitive gaming to reach out. Right now, we’re looking to build out the product team with additional developers, data scientists and UX designers.”


Linus Dahg, Partner at Inventure explains their decision to lead Leetify’s seed round: “We’re delighted to join forces with Anders & Vitalii on their quest to improve gamers all around the world. They have an exceptionally strong founding team with deep insight into the problem they’re looking to solve. There’s a clear need for their product and we’re blown away at the speed of which the company has been moving so far.”