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Mekitec from Oulu, Finland, is a leading manufacturer of food inspection devices, dedicated to provide a new generation of quality control. With over 20 years of technology experience, the company has been able to invent a groundbreaking device for finding and avoiding foreign objects, such as metals, glass, stones and bones, in food production. No other manufacturer in the world is able to provide the performance of x-ray technology at a similar investment cost. Mekitec is committed to make food safer.

The founders of Mekitec have a combined experience of several decades in the development, industrialization and manufacturing of X-ray imaging systems, applied in medical, security and safety areas. This unique combination of in-depth knowledge of various industries has enabled the management to do longterm research and development in the food industry. The fruits of this dedication are state-of-the-art food safety systems that Mekitec is able to provide to customers worldwide. Mekitec has approximately 50 employees. Mekitec’s offices are located in Oulu, Helsinki and in Xi’an, China. Mekitec also has sales offices in Hong Kong, Germany and USA.

For more information, please visit http://www.mekitec.com