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Mindfield Games Ltd. is a leading virtual reality games developer. The team consists entirely of industry professionals with a background in PC, console and mobile game development. With previous experience from companies such as Remedy, Rovio, Housemarque and Redlynx/Ubisoft, the team joined forces in 2013 to create immersive worlds that only virtual reality allows for.

The upcoming title is a first person exploration game Pollen. The game is optimized for Oculus Rift and it will be released for PC in 2015. The team's first priority is to make a great story-exploration game, but support for head-mounted displays has been an important feature since the concept phase. The game is playable with both keyboard and mouse or gamepad, with or without Oculus Rift. Linux and Mac will be supported in the future.

For more information, please visit http://mindfieldgames.com