OME Health joins Inventure portfolio

OME Health has raised $1.25M in Seed funding from Inventure

OME Health joins Inventure portfolio

London-based company OME Health has raised $1.25M in Seed funding led by Inventure to personalise healthcare. OME Health provides a personalised 12-week health plans based on a person’s gut microbiome, genetics, blood markers, and other health data. Inventure led the round, which also gained participation from Doehler Ventures, Practica Capital, and a group of angel investors in the UK.

Karolis Rosickas, the founder of OME Health, believes this is necessary as people become more health conscious: “Generic ‘eat vegetables 5-a-day’ and ‘exercise more’ type of recommendations were never truly effective and are no longer sufficient for people, who would like to understand their body better and make more effective health and wellness decisions.”

OME Health was founded in 2016. Now that it has closed its Seed funding round, the company will focus its efforts on its commercial activities in the UK and Europe. OME Health currently partners with Bupa and food manufacturers to offer personalised nutrition plans and health recommendations.

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