Experienced Java Developer

Consider spawning more than thousands of servers in Amazon every day just to kill them a few hours later. Consider doing this just to hack companies like Trello, King, Pipedrive, and Trustpilot.

This is Detectify. This is what we do. And now we would like to extend our tech team with another colleague.

We consider ourselves tech agnostics. Our primary focus is to achieve a solution that helps us make the internet more secure, one customer at the time. Based on the issues we need to resolve, we decide which technology to use and not the other way around. The result has been that we have core components in Java, .NET, Python, and Go.

Now this wonderful team of tech agnostics needs to grow. We would love to see someone with a couple of years’ experience, preferably Java, joining us. However, we can promise you that Java won’t be the only way you will continue your development career.

To make sure that everyone has the ability to be on top of our tech stack we continuously work with competence sharing sessions and creative Fridays. Our creative Fridays let everyone try out new stuff during work hours.

We know that diverse teams are the best teams, which is why we offer an inclusive work environment where everyone can feel welcome.

So if you consider yourself an experienced developer, who would love to be a part of an agnostic tech team building a more secure internet, reach out to us. This is going be fun.