Senior Software Engineer – Kanzi Runtime Testing

Team: Kanzi UI

Kanzi UI software is more than just our main product — it’s also the world’s leading software for creating beautiful and functional UIs. The Kanzi business unit is home to 40 professionals focused on maintaining the high standards of Kanzi and enabling the world’s leading automotive brands to continue to create stunning instrument clusters and infotainment systems.


You will work on Kanzi Runtime testing and testability in co-operation with SW Engineers focusing on feature development. In this position you will create system wide knowledge on Kanzi Runtime and utilize it for developing test framework and test automation to achieve high SW quality. You will be testing the core Kanzi Runtime features, including performance and memory profiling of the Engine. You have attention to detail and specifications and you want to ensure high quality. On this small SW team you will get to have a significant impact on the way user interfaces of the future are built today!

Who Are You?

You are a senior software engineer with the passion to develop testing and testability. You have the capability to understand the big picture and the SW product at the system level. You have experience working with UI frameworks and understand the related architecture solutions. You have acquired good software development skills and want to utilize them for developing test frameworks and automated testing.

We require

- Ambition to develop testing and test automation

- Capability to pick up new technologies and codebase at system level

- Knowledge of UI frameworks

- C++ programming skills

- Profiling skills

We appreciate

- Graphics programming experience

- Embedded experience

- Test Driven Development experience

- Other methodologies like Acceptance/Behavior Driven Development