Technical Artist

Team: Detroit Motor City

Rightware has an office outside Detroit in Troy, Michigan where we are centrally located to serve our Tier1 and OEM customers.  Motor city Detroit is the heart of the US Automotive Industry and the city is rapidly rebuilding itself. The automotive industry here is investing heavily in new technologies and developing fantastic new products, so its a natural place for us to be. We are now expanding our small design and development team here to be able to support more customers on a regular basis.



This is a combination of a designer and application developer (80% design, 20% technical). You will create applications using Kanzi Studio, and you will work closely with our brilliant engineers. You’ll be one of the first designers on this team and you’ll get to shape how we work on design projects with some pretty big customers.


Who Are You?

You are currently a bridge between artists and programmers working on a game (for example) (but we mean this figuratively, you’re not actually a bridge). You ensure that art assets can be easily integrated into a game without sacrificing either the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical limits of the chosen platform. You also know some scripting, and some coding. You <understand> design. You understand how technology works, tool chains, operating systems, etc., and an overall awareness of programming in general (if there is such a thing).


We require

- Experience using digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, -3D/Studio/Max, Maya, etc

- Understanding of 2D and 3D graphics

- Familiarity with real-time graphics (software render, OpenGL, DirectX etc)

- Ability to work closely with designers and engineers

- Experience from Unity or Unreal engine or similar


We appreciate

- Have worked previously in software projects

- Basics of scripting or programming

- Visual design skills