Privacy Policy

How does Inventure deal with your data and why?

Privacy Policy

We believe in the “pay-it-forward” approach which also means that we maintain a network of contacts stored in our systems. However, “from great power comes great responsibility”.

Privacy Policy

At Inventure we maintain contacts of a strong and competent network and we are always happy to reach out and try to help different players in the ecosystem. We believe in the “pay it forward” approach which also means that we maintain a network of contacts stored in our systems. However, “from great power comes great responsibility”. Here you can read more about our privacy policy:

When you start interacting with Inventure there will most likely be an exchange of personal information. Underneath you’ll find more information on what data we collect. Depending on the point of contact with Inventure, we might also record your location (such as country and city). Our websites and collect cookies to analyze user’s behavior and help us understand what are the most valuable or helpful sections in our sites.

The data is used by Inventure Team to carry out activities related to our core business: LP communication, fundraising process, portfolio and dealflow communication as well as community initiatives. We work with investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts and local startup community alike. For all data categories above, we take security seriously and apply industry standard security measures to ensure adequate protection of your data.

Our website may contain links to other websites which are outside our control and are not covered by this privacy policy. If you do visit other websites from or domain, please refer to their privacy policy to know how they manage the data.


You can always reach out to us to know more.

Register name:  Onventure Oy customer and contacts register

Register holder: Onventure Oy, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Contact for register related information and requests: Andrea Di Pietrantonio, andrea(at)

Whose information is collected: The register contains personal information about our existing clients and customers, potential ones and recruitment applicants as well as that of our own personnel and extended network.

Use of personal data: Information is handled in order to deliver the services of the company to each party related. It can also be used for development of products and services, billing and customer relationship management and development. Additional use cases are: organizing events, advertising and marketing, customer communication and marketing.

Data content of the register: Name, email, phone number, location, company and position, company address, customer choices related to direct marketing, other information required for delivering our services and organising events (including attendance at events and reported diets). We will retain such data in line with our retention policy. Of Limited Partners and Portfolio companies we also collect the needed information related to delivering our services, such as ownership, bank account numbers and any other information that is required to comply with the financial laws and regulations, like AML and KYC information. Such information can include data classified as “sensitive data”.

Regular sources of information: The register consists of information collected from the person him- /herself, with the consent from a third party, publicly available Internet sources, and databases of customer information systems. Information needed to comply with financial laws and regulations can also be collected from relevant authorities and information providers.

Regular disclosure of information: Personal data shall only be disclosed to third parties with the consent of the data subject or if so required by authorities.

The controller might transfer personal data outside the EU or EEA territory in case we have your specific consent for it. Likewise, the transfer of personal data to a third country or an international organisation may take place if the European Commission has decided that the third country or international organisation has ensured an adequate level of data protection or the organisation holds a valid privacy shield framework making it GDPR compliant.

Information requests and changes: The customer has the right to check and change information about him-/herself.

Denial and removal of data: Customer has the right to deny the disclosure and processing of his/her information for advertising, direct marketing and other marketing purposes. The data can be removed from the register at the customer’s request or due to the end of the customer relationship, if legitimate according to financial laws and regulations.

Principles of registry protection: Personal data is stored electronically and is adequately protected by external firewalls and other technical safeguards, such as passwords. Only persons who have the need to use the information have access to it. All personnel of Onventure Oy have a valid confidentiality agreement in place.