Ekaterina Gianelli


Ekaterina brings her experience in digital services into the venture capital team. At Inventure, Ekaterina works mainly with healthtech, consumer internet, and enterprise software companies. Previously, Ekaterina has been operationally involved in scaling Fjord, the design & innovation consultancy (acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2013), and a Nordic adtech startup Kiosked. Ekaterina’s passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed. Based out of Helsinki, she is an active community builder, and has been contributing to multiple initiatives strengthening the Nordic tech ecosystem. Drawing on her experiences, Ekaterina actively bridges the gap between design, business, and technology.

ekaterina(at)inventure.fi, or +358 44 317 3470


"I wish more LPs would start demanding VC's to be the change they want to see in the industry."- @ekagianelli

Is there any LP's who follow or measure the diversity/inclusion activities of the VC funds they invest in?


These women are shaping the future of Nordic tech and being true role models for us all. It’s been a pleasure to be involved with @Inspiringfifty as a judge for this year’s list https://t.co/tDvKpDfbCF #inspiringfifty #womenintech #NordicMade #sthlmtech #helyes #cphftw

What’s the state of the #NordicMade ecosystem? Where are we headed? Interesting discussion with @ekagianelli, @johanbrenner, Virginia Vegas and our partner @elagier ✨ at #slush19 Investor Day