Lauri Kokkila

Investment Manager


Lauri joined Inventure 2015 after spending two years in a large construction company, developing their digital services and real estate platform. At Inventure, Lauri focuses on AI, machine learning and 3D technologies, and especially excited about opportunities in the built environment, real estate and construction industries.

Lauri holds a Master’s degree in Information Networks, a trans-disciplinary study programme that combines computer science, industrial management and business with a human-centered approach.

lauri(at), or +358 400 659 736


2014: They raised a seed round for restaurant ordering and payments

(Few things happen)

2019: Live in 50 cities and raised 110M€ for growth. Looking to hire 1000 people.

What a growth rocket! 🚀

A smartphone is a necessity, but the ecological footprint for buying a new phone is massive. For consumers and the world, a refurbished phone is always a better choice. Super excited to join Swappie and their international growth rocket!📱📈

How to build diverse teams? Roberts and Rolands shared their thoughts @FT 🙌🏻 #diversity #startups @theinklusiiv