Lauri Kokkila

Investment Director


Lauri joined Inventure 2015 after spending two years in a large construction company, developing their digital services and real estate platform. At Inventure, Lauri focuses on B2B and B2C marketplaces, proptech and solutions enabled by cutting-edge AI/ML.

Lauri works with a number of our portfolio companies, including Swappie, Umbra, Nordigen and Material Exchange.

Lauri holds a Master’s degree in Information Networks, a trans-disciplinary study programme that combines computer science, industrial management and business with a human-centered approach.

lauri(at), or +358 400 659 736


Ja onnittelut myös @SwappieSuomi 😁 huikea kasvutarina! @inventureVC #lifelineventures @ReaktorVentures @TesiFII

A small silver lining to the dark clouds circulating the world right now: @SwappieSuomi has raised another $40M to boost their international growth. Launching to 4 new markets and hiring 400 people across Europe! #heltech

Another Monday, another demo! Our friends at @RealityCapture_ shared us this beautiful 3D scan of the Norwich Castle. 40 million triangles, 57 8K textures, 60 fps on the platform of your choosing with SceneStream.

#photogrammetry #Unity #webgl