Linus Dahg



Based out of Stockholm, Linus is heading Inventure’s operations in Sweden. Linus has been in venture capital for more than 7 years – first with Almi Invest in Stockholm, then with Wellington Partners in London. Prior to joining our team, he was part of the management of a Copenhagen-based startup Tonsser, where he worked on growth, product and partnerships. At Inventure, Linus looks at both consumer and enterprise opportunities, focusing on B2B/SaaS, enterprise software and marketplaces.

linus(at), or +46 76 600 95 60


Congrats to the team raising €3m! @codescene enables developers and companies to find hidden risks and social patterns in code. @LuminarVentures partnering with @InventureVC again 🔥

Weeks before Christmas, a Swedish official sent a text to all Swedes advising them to follow recommendations and stay home for the holidays.

A short time later, he packed his bags and flew off on a two-week trip to the Canary Islands.

When your entire COVID policy is based not on coercion, but on “good citizenship” and voluntarily following recommendations, then, as Prime Minister, you must lead by example. His bar must be the highest in the country. Otherwise, it just falls apart. Löfven is in trouble now.