Linus Dahg

Investment Director


Based out of Stockholm, Linus is heading Inventure’s operations in Sweden. Linus has been in venture capital for more than 5 years – first with Almi Invest in Stockholm, then with Wellington Partners in London. Prior to joining our team, he was part of the management of a Copenhagen-based startup Tonsser, where he worked on growth, product and partnerships. At Inventure, Linus looks at both consumer and enterprise opportunities, focusing on software, AI, machine learning, and food tech.

linus(at), or +46 76 600 95 60


IPOs are too expensive and cumbersome via @financialtimes

“Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it” by @ZagoMatteoGian

I’ve asked multiple entrepreneurs this week how long it took to find product/market fit.

Answer: two years.

I followed up asking how long it took to get to $1M ARR from scratch.

Answer: four years.

Settle in, it’s a long journey.