Linus Dahg



Based out of Stockholm, Linus is heading Inventure’s operations in Sweden. Linus has been in venture capital for more than 7 years – first with Almi Invest in Stockholm, then with Wellington Partners in London. Prior to joining our team, he was part of the management of a Copenhagen-based startup Tonsser, where he worked on growth, product and partnerships. At Inventure, Linus looks at both consumer and enterprise opportunities, focusing on B2B/SaaS, enterprise software and marketplaces.

linus(at), or +46 76 600 95 60


Really enjoyed being interviewed by @mehdibnjln and tried to share some nuggets on the Nordics #nordicmade

So proud of our teammate @TShalalvand & our good friend @IndraEleonora talking about female entrepreneurship and highlighting the fole models #womenintech #NordicMade

A Finnish unicorn @woltapp distributes more than a billion euros a year in food around the world. ”The goal is for the value of food delivered in 5 years to be EUR 10 billion annually”, says CEO @mikikuusi 🔥🙏🇫🇮
#startup #nordicmade #platformeconomy