Timo Tirkkonen

Co-Founder & Partner

Timo is a Co-Founder & Partner of Inventure. His areas of interest lie within enterprise software, future connectivity, cybersecurity and gaming. At Inventure, Timo focuses on the investment strategy and portfolio value creation. Timo is actively involved in crafting product and partnership strategies of our portfolio companies. He works closely with AImotive, Detectify, Now Interact, Glimr, Merus Power, and Spectral Engines. Previously, Timo acted as a private investor with Innocap Oy. Having started his career in the telecom sector with Nokia and Sonera, Timo has over 21 years of experience in coaching, managing and internationalizing early-stage companies.

timo(at)inventure.fi, or +358 40 575 1553.


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“By 2021, the top 3 use cases for open banking in Europe will be Creditworthiness, Personal Finance and New Customer Onboarding”, @RolandsMesters from #InventureFamily’s @nordigen shares his views on the state of open banking https://t.co/u571mxnCFd #openbanking #fintech

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