CEO, ThingLink


Ulla Engeström is Founder & CEO of ThingLink, an interactive media platform that empowers publishers, marketers, and educators to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos. ThingLink has become the most popular cross-platform solution and creative community for interactive media. Based in Palo Alto, Ulla is responsible for ThingLink’s strategy and key partnerships.


A short video about what inspires us to develop ThingLink for education, https://t.co/PxVQhsb8vy @ThingLink_EDU #FutureOfLearning #edtech

An Imaginary Interview with Lev #Vygotsky about Immersive Storytelling and Learning, https://t.co/Y4kJXa62JQ #immersivelearning #storytelling #education @ThingLink_EDU @EdTechEurope @EdTechReview #VR

ThingLink Expands to Building Future Schools with Finnish Education Experts: https://t.co/6dd4GQ21gN @okmfi @Opetushallitus @Ulkoministerio @ThingLink_EDU @eNorssikk @Innokas_