New investments: Logical Clocks and Elsa Science

Two new and quickly growing companies have joined the Inventure family.

New investments: Logical Clocks and Elsa Science

Welcome Logical Clocks and Elsa Science!

We are happy and proud to announce that we have closed two new rounds, Logical Clocks and Elsa Science.

Logical Clocks

Logical Clocks, the enterprise vendor for Hopsworks – a data platform for scale-out data science and AI, today announced it has raised €1.25 million in seed funding from Inventure, Frontline Ventures, and AI Seed.

The funding round was led by our Timo Tirkkonen, now chairman of the board, said “Hopsworks is a continuation of Scandinavia’s history of producing transformative computing platforms – this time for Big Data and AI. This funding will scale engineering to accelerate innovation, while keeping the focus on building out the customer base.”

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Elsa Science

Elsa, a life science startup that improves the lives of patients with chronic disease by giving access to world leading scientific research, raises $700,000 in seed money. Inventure is the lead investor.

Ekaterina Gianelli from Inventure and Hekla Arnardottir from Crowberry join the board.

“In the Nordics, we have been collecting health data for many years. Now it’s time to use the data to enhance precision medicine. We believe that Elsa’s approach of comparing individual patient’s behaviour to the aggregated disease knowledge can provide the best care to people living with chronic conditions,” says Ekaterina Gianelli, Investment Director at Inventure.

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