Unveiling Inventure Awake

September 18, 2017


A venture capital company succeeds only when its entrepreneurs succeed –and entrepreneurs are usually more successful, when they engage with their peers. That’s why we at Inventure always ask ourselves how we can encourage this engagement. Today, we are taking the first step and launching Inventure Awake.


Inventure Awake is more than just a platform, it is a way for us to bring the expertise of our network closer to our portfolio companies. In the coming years, the VC world will be evolving towards being more transparent and collaborative. We want to position ourselves at the forefront of this change.


In August, we granted the first entrepreneurs the access to Inventure Awake, and now we are rolling it out to the entire portfolio. The initial response has been very positive, with the first users getting access to the content they need. In the words of one of our entrepreneurs, Jyrki Kontio, Co-founder of Klevu:


Inventure Awake has a lot of good content and is nicely organized. Even though I have plenty of templates on my hard disk, I’ll check Inventure Awake first: there’s a good chance that the templates are more up-to-date than the ones I used a few years ago. I also appreciate the curated content: the links to articles and external examples.


Over time, we would like to see Inventure Awake evolving based on feedback from our entrepreneurs and their management teams.


We envision an entrepreneur logging into Inventure Awake to check the steps she needs to take to organise an Annual General Meeting. Or a COO attending one of our webinars to better understand the processes of public funding, or to discuss the best practices and pitfalls in hiring. Ideally, we want the managers from different companies to directly discuss any issues and possible solutions with each other, either online or during face-to-face meeting. The Inventure team will be there to support and facilitate these discussions, whenever needed.


Our goal is not to automate the way we communicate with our portfolio, but rather enhance the quality of the communication. A wider network and more accessible and up-to-date knowledge base allow us to invest more time in meaningful communication, and spend less time on tasks that are not mission critical.


Inventure Awake provides a useful toolkit for companies in our portfolio, and ultimately accelerates the growth of the entire surrounding ecosystem. Like the industries that our companies are disrupting, the world of venture capital is changing quickly. We want to be part of this transformation in the Nordics.