New Members

Kristiina Lunnas & Tatiana Shalalvand join Inventure

New Members

Our conviction about the Nordic opportunity has never been greater. We are seeing more technology companies coming out of the region than ever before, creating higher demand for capital. Just a couple of months ago we announced the first closing of our third fund. It should come as no surprise that we are now expanding the team and warmly welcoming aboard two brilliant ladies – Kristiina Lunnas and Tatiana Shalalvand.


As a firm, we strive to be the best sparring partner for our entrepreneurs, offering all possible support along their journey. We believe that the new team members will make our team even more diverse and better prepared to created value for our founders.

Kristiina joins our team as a CFO & operations director. She focuses on investor relations and building value creation processes internally and across the portfolio. She started her career in Accenture’s management consulting, working on projects in large corporations. Before joining Inventure, she has also worked in two early-stage fintech growth companies, developing their internal processes and business operations. At Inventure, although concentrating on financial reporting and improving internal operations, Kristiina also builds on our local and international partnership and co-operation base.

Tatiana started her career as a crisis management consultant at Prime Weber Shandwick. Since then, she’s worked at Ericsson, the growth company Zound Industries and most recently as the COO of a SaaS startup Sparta. Tatiana is based out of Stockholm, and will focus on investment activity in Sweden and the Northern Europe.


Why did you decide to make a move to a VC fund?

Tatiana: Since I joined the tech startup community, I’ve been curious to know how things are on the other side of the table. But the main reason for moving to a VC fund is to get the chance to meet entrepreneurs with big ideas and help them scale their companies and realize their visions.

Kristiina: I’ve worked in finance for the past five years before joining Inventure, but what’s been missing, is the role that a VC takes in a company: I like that a VC nurtures the portfolio company more than some other funding party, that only delivers money. A VC can work as an accelerator, sparring partner, door opener…even as a friend or mentor to a certain extent. Of course we have our expectations, and it’s profit seeking business what we’re all doing, but we’re in it for the common good.

What are the industries or technologies that interest you most?

Kristiina: Medtech, biotech and cleantech. Also automotive industry is extremely interesting, since the change and development happening in that area is quite like that of the financial industry in the recent years, so huge. It’s also exciting to see how AI will adapt to that and everything else.

Tatiana: My main focus will be Enterprise SaaS, since that’s the operational experience I have. I also look forward to learning more about other domains Inventure is known for, especially future mobility. Other than that, I have a personal interest in food and health tech, and I hope I will get a chance to meet some companies in that area too.

What are the books or blogs you are reading nowadays?

Tatiana: Right now I’m reading the book Clean Meat by Paul Shapiro, a book on how we’re on the verge of revolutionizing the meat industry by growing meat without the need of animals. Blog-wise, I often read Lemkin’s blog on Saastr. Podcast-wise, I listen to a lot of different ones, DI’s (Swedish newspaper) ”Digitalpodden” among others. The most recent podcast I listened to was BBC inquiry on how to close the gender pay gap.

Kristiina: I’m more of a “book and TED video person” than a blog person, but pretty much anything on leadership and development.

Is there anything you want to do this year that you’ve never done before?

Kristiina: I know that if I answer ice swimming, they’ll drop me in the water latest in the next Polar Bear Pitching competition in Oulu… So I’ll go with a safer(?) option and answer skydiving.

Tatiana: I’m running a Marathon in April this year, that’s a first!

Welcome aboard, Kristiina and Tatiana!