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Wirepas is a leading provider of mesh network solutions. Wirepas’ mission is to offer advanced low-power wireless communication solution to connect Things to the Internet. Its connectivity platform, Wirepas Pino, is the only connectivity solution in the market that offers deterministic performance, local radio adaptability and very high reliability at any scale, solving one of the most common problems of Internet-of-Things platforms.

In a very short time, Wirepas has become the market leader in several verticals. In one of the most challenging areas, remote electricity meter reading, Wirepas Pino has been the winning connectivity solution in most of the utility deals in Nordics. Wirepas Pino powers more than 1,2 million electricity meters. Other markets served by Wirepas include water and gas metering, logistics, lighting and general environmental measuring.

For more information, please visit http://www.wirepas.com/